Lodge Clyne No 1400 History

Lodge Clyne was founded in 1943 and holds the unique distinction of being the first Scottish Lodge Consecrated after the outbreak of hostilities in 1939, when Masonic expansion came to a complete halt. As private cars were very rare at the time (and restricted), and there was virtually no public transport system to talk of, the Brethren who wished to attend a Lodge meeting often traveled to Lodges in Golspie or Helmsdale by bicycle or train. After the meeting they would quite often find themselves faced with cycling home or having to stay the night in either village and then catching the early train home again in time to get to work, or in some cases going straight to work. It was considered to be an easier option to open a Lodge in Brora, and became a 'dream come true' for the Brethren when it was eventually made possible.

A great example of the Brotherhood among Masons was shown by the enthusiasm demonstrated by the Brethren from Golspie and Helmsdale who became founding members of Lodge Clyne.

The Lodge decided to have their regalia in Sutherland Tartan and one of the very few remaining hand-made aprons is on display within the Lodge building. However, because of the shortages of material at the time it was impossible to make enough for all the Brethren and for many years the Lodge was indebted to Lodge St Andrew in Golspie for the loan of their regalia which was borrowed and used at every meeting. Eventually, when the situation eased, and the Lodge was able to purchase its own regalia, it was decided to change it to Purple and Gold. These are still the colours used in the regalia today and the Brethren of Lodge Clyne are very proud to wear it. The original meetings were held in the present hall, which was at that time the gymnasium for Brora secondary school, which was housed in the building adjacent to the Lodge, and conditions were anything but ideal. The RWM, was, in those days, placed at what is now the opposite end to where he presently sits, with nothing more than a small paraffin heater nearby as his only source of heat. The Wardens also had small heaters whilst the other Brethren had to gather round a pot-bellied stove, a good incentive for them to arrive early! In the 60's the new school in Brora came into use and the old school at Academy Place closed. The Lodge put in a bid to purchase the gymnasium to turn into a permanent Masonic Hall, but, in the interim period, had to find another meeting place. As many members frequently attended the local Church of Scotland situated close by they moved their meetings into the Parish Church Hall, this proved a satisfactory arrangement until such time as the purchase was finalised and the Lodge returned to its original home in the building it still occupies. A lot of work was needed to turn the gymnasium into the temple we see today and the Brethren should be grateful to those who have passed before them for the time and effort they gave so freely.